it’s more than just content. It’s your force multiplier for marketing, brand building and humanizing your brand. It is User Generated Content that makes your brand credible and trustworthy.

UGC is more than mere content or marketing, it is the basis for any business. In a world where the customer is king, UGC keeps the customer at the front and centre. 93% of consumers depend on UGC to make a purchasing decision. With tons of branded content coming up, it is only natural that you trust the users' opinion over any other's.

92% of consumers say that they trust recommendations from friends and family above all over forms of advertising. 70% of shoppers trust UGC over professionally-written marketing content. Nothing beats UGC in making your brand appear credible, viable and trustworthy.

UGC is the customer’s voice, it’s real and more human than brand advertising. UGC can drive growth in conversion rates by 1.6 to 2.4 times. Millennials believe that user generated content is 35% more memorable than other media.


Do you want to cut through the clutter and truly connect with your audience? Hashtag printer and contests on social media give your audience just the right reasons to put more and more UGC online. Inspire your customers to generate more content to expand your reach and gain more traction.


The impact of UGC on your business is measurable. The number of likes and comments and the extent of the reach of any contest/campaign/event are kept track of so that you can analyze your ROI. You can see in real terms the engagement that you have been able to trigger with UGC.


You need to be present wherever your customers are. Display authentic, personalized content across events, stores, websites, emails, advertisements, e-commerce pages, live event screens and more. This would enable you to harness UGC to engage and convert your customers at every touchpoint.

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We are glad to generate a lot of UGC with Hashtag Contest provided by JustKapture for 3 months. We ran weekly contest and recongnized the participants with the best content. Great engagement, Great Content and Great Reach.

Marketing Head at SportzConsult

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