Printing memories at your Weddings, Parties, Promotions, in-store, Events

Allowing attendees to instantly print their social media posts.

Hashtag Printing

Today, the ‘world’ has a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profile! With that said, it is also the world of ‘selfies’ and updating just about everything that meets the eye, everything that is trending - with a ‘hashtag’! JustKapture brings to you Hashtag Printing.

How It Works?


It is Uber-cool to snap pictures and guests at your event click pictures or selfies to upload an exquisite edited glimpse of your event on Twitter, Instagram.

HashTag and Share

Everything is on the Social Media - so are those pictures with your unique event ‘Hashtags’ posted by your guests in their social accounts - Basically, your brand gets EVERYWHERE.


We nailed your perfect branding strategy with the perfect ‘Event Souvenirs’ - Tracking those hashtags, JustKapture offers customized printing of all the pictures taken at your event by your guests - BRANDED like no other!

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