September 2018

Posted by | September 21, 2018
Take your corporate event to next level with hashtag printer and social wall.

Tired of hearing that corporate events are boring and stressful? Want to get rid of this image? Looking to change the corporate event scenario once and for all? Well, let’s...

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Posted by | September 21, 2018
Upgrade from the clichéd photoBooth to kapture lifetime memories with the hashtag printer.

Looking to make your wedding a-day-to-remember that not only captures your imagination but also makes your guests go gaga? Want it to be quirky? Want it to be memorable? We...

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How to increase sales in hotels
Posted by | September 20, 2018
How to increase sales in hotels using “User Generated Content”

The smart Customer today inspires, invents and are the perfect story tellers of their experiences. Blogs and Social Media has made it easy for them to share their experiences and...

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User generated content in the Hospitality Industy
Posted by | September 19, 2018
“6- Foolproof ways” to generate content from your hotel visitors

The Rise of User-Generated Content in the Hospitality Industry: The rise of user generated content in the Hospitality Industry is one of the best marketing forces for Hotels & Resorts,...

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Hotel UGC Marketing
Posted by | September 7, 2018
Why hotels & resorts need to concentrate on UGC for better sales

Have you ever come across a beautiful picture of your Hotel or Resort being posted by a user online and the picture getting circulated around, further leading to enquiries; without...

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