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JustKapture offers unique experiences, helping companies build their identity by realpeople and customers using the essence of Social Media.

Who are we? We are a UGC aggregator and the marketer technology. We are the one of it’s kinds in the entire country offering unique solutions and platforms solely based on UGC. We help businesses drive client engagement, create first hand content and enable brand recall.

How would it be, when your customers come up with snazzy taglines, attractive images and viral content? JustKapture helps businesses grow by setting up platforms for User Generated Content (UGC) with a suite of products. Our products help create memories, build brands and understand users to help businesses promote themselves better. Leveraging the User Generated Content with the concept of Hashtag, JustKapture has designed two products. (i) Hashtag Printer (ii) Social Wall.


Our Venture and its journey

The entrepreneurial bug bit us in March of 2015, when we started JustKapture sowing the seed of printing personalized photographs. Customers of several businesses received their photographs with targeted advertisements on the backside of these photographs defining a business model and a great branding reach for businesses.

Sweating it out, at JustKapture we achieved 50,000 users in just one city of Hyderabad in less than a year, delivering over 5 Lakhs photographs. Working with over 50 great brands across all industries and sectors, who believed in the concept and our capabilities, we helped them achieve their Marketing Goal.

Quickly adapting to the Social Media wave, and brands needing to accustom themselves to the new age marketing methods, we improved our delivery mechanism promptly understanding the importance of User Generated Content (UGC) and the virality of such content, and thus “HASHTAG PRINTER” was born.

Marketing message generated by real people (Customers) often referred to as UGC works 70% better than the brands message. Around the same time we also launched “SOCIAL WALL” our 2 nd product in 2017. With this we achieved clarity on our Vision, that is to help companies and brands reach their goals and vision, helping their branding and marketing strategy by leveraging the power of UGC.

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