Guide: Using Social Media At Events

5 Tips For Using Social Media At Events. If you are planning on organizing an event, don’t shy away from harnessing the power of social media. Social media holds great amounts of influence on the success of an event. The following 8 tips will help you understand the what’s and the why’s of using social...

How To Promote An Event Successfully

Event marketing is very difficult when compared to marketing products or services. All possible marketing channels and mediums need to be utilized in order to make the most of your event. In order to learn how to promote an event successfully read the following guide. At times it feels like an impossible task however with...

Last minute event promotion ideas.

Last minute event promotion ideas to attract more people All of us love to procrastinate and delay things until the last minute, don’t we? However like the famous saying “a stitch in time saves nine” here are some last minute event promotion ideas that will surely help you sail through your event. "You may delay, but...

Out of the box ideas for marketing.

Looking For Out of the box ideas for marketing? Look No More! Want to promote an event? Have a new product you want to tell your target audience about? Want to drive more sales through marketing? Look No more our out of the box ideas for marketing will help you gain more traction and drive...

Instagrammable Events

It is not enough to just have a photo booth, event organizers must now think beyond the picture. They must be filtered to extreme finesse, posted with relevant hashtags to fulfill the experience and feel appropriate at any event. Ages 18-29 have the best reflex for this kinds things; be it a wedding or a...

What is user generated content? – Everything you need to know about User-Generated Content (UGC)

What is User Generated Content? With all the hype in the digital industry we often find people asking "What is user generated content?" The term User Generated Content or UGC is quite self-explanatory. Content that has been created and put out there by contributors, customers or fans can be categorized as User Generated Content. The main goal...

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