Hashtag Printer
Posted by | December 7, 2018
JustKapture introduces amazing product variants for hashtag marketing

The product update is out and it’s amazing. Just Kapture has been trying to bring multiple service options for its clients in order to constantly innovate and update the existing...

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Posted by | October 10, 2018
5 reasons-why-colleges-are-switching-from-photo-booth-to-hashtag-printers

Youth are the new drivers of the contemporary markets and to get their attention the products must be refreshing and innovative. Hashtag printer seems to have done just that by...

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How to increase sales in hotels
Posted by | September 20, 2018
How to increase sales in hotels using “User Generated Content”

The smart Customer today inspires, invents and are the perfect story tellers of their experiences. Blogs and Social Media has made it easy for them to share their experiences and...

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User generated content in the Hospitality Industy
Posted by | September 19, 2018
“6- Foolproof ways” to generate content from your hotel visitors

The Rise of User-Generated Content in the Hospitality Industry: The rise of user generated content in the Hospitality Industry is one of the best marketing forces for Hotels & Resorts,...

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Marketing Ideas for Business
Posted by | July 28, 2018
Marketing Ideas for Business

Looking to get more eyeballs? Want to drive more sales? Follow our guide on the latest and most trendy marketing ideas for business and apply whats suitable for you. Create...

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Posted by | July 24, 2018
How To Market Your Business On Social Media

It appears to be abnormal to think there was ever a period when web-based life wasn't a vital piece of growing an independent venture. While numerous business people still battle...

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Posted by | July 21, 2018
Unique Branding Ideas.

It is impossible to run a successful company without being innovative. In today’s world businesses of all kinds face fierce competition. Even businesses with heavy investments fail because they have...

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Posted by | July 20, 2018
BTL activities ideas for FMCG

Brands across the globe use ATL as well as BTL activities to market their product or services successfully. But before we dive in and discuss ideas for BTL activities let...

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Posted by | July 16, 2018
Marketing Event Ideas For Colleges

College events can be a huge success but that’s not the case with all college events, is it? The differentiating factor between a successful and a not-so-successful college event is...

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User Generated Content
Posted by | February 24, 2016
What is User Generated Content? – Everything you need to know about User-Generated Content (UGC)

What is User Generated Content? With all the hype in the digital industry we often find people asking "What is user generated content?" The term User Generated Content or UGC is quite...

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