Hashtag Printer

The Hashtag Printer is an integrated Hardware and Software platform that allows companies to generate User content from their customers or visitors. While the main purpose is for UGC, in the background the Hashtag printer smartly locates the pictures with the hashtag shared by the user and helps them print their picture instantly. A customized photo is in the hands of the user in 20 seconds while a hashtag is making a brand go viral with UGC.


Trustable Content, Better Sales!

Looking for an out of the box idea to generate authentic content that will help you in expanding your reach and building an intimate connection with your customers?

Increase sales through all the selfies your customers/attendees take at your location/ event by printing them instantly. When your customers share a visual post with your brand hashtag, its a customer-generated content for your brand which is accessible to all your potential customers out there.

How it Works?

Forget any sign ups and registrations, just click a picture on your phone, upload it on a social media platform with the given hashtag, start counting backwards from 20 and voila! Your picture will be ready –  20 Seconds is all it takes.


Branded Prints

From Digital to Physical.Get the most out of the prints by customizing the polaroid frame to suit your brand/event. Our high-quality prints are available in 4×6”& 6×8” sizes. Design, edit and choose a layout that brings out the true value of your brand/event and leaves the customers with a positive image. Simultaneously reward your audience with an unforgettable gift.

UGC Generation

Hashtag printer is a tool that turns everyone into a content creator. In the digital world, people still love prints and it takes seconds to print their memory in a cool polaroid form, And because the content is generated by freewill it is authentic, engaging and highly captivating.

Bajaj Electronicss- Pinkathon Mumbai

Incredible Reach & Potential

Boost social media interaction and raise brand interactiveness as every photo shared is tagged with your event’s hashtag which can be followed easily. It transforms your event’s social media hashtag into a rewarding live experience that’s worth sharing with friends and fans.

The Hashtag Printer inspires guests to capture content from everywhere at your event by using their own phone to take photos and share them publicly on Instagram/Twitter to expand the reach of the event/brand.

Experience In Your Next Event

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