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Let social proof grow your business.

Use JustKapture's platform to aggregate your customer content and sync it with your website, in real-time.

JustKapture officially integrates with all the online platforms

We are UGC Marketeers, and officially approved by social media platforms to collect content from user accounts or business profiles.

Instagram aggregator

Embed Instagram accounts,hashtags or mentions

Facebook aggregator

Generate posts from Facebook pages,hashtags or page mentions

Twitter aggregator

Embed Twitter accounts,hashtags or mentions.

Make Your Customers Your Brand Ambassadors

Boost Sales

UGC is people driven and people trust people. It is authentic content - a trust builder that gives your sales the right impetus.

Curtail Costs

Real, engaging content from customers keeps your content stream diverse and creative. Cuts down on content creation costs.

Improve Engagement

Sharing UGC makes your brand human and helps people relate to your business. The result – more engagement.



Per Month
  • 1 Source
  • 3 Feeds
  • Customization Options No
  • Moderation No
  • Auto Sync Every 24 hours
  • JustKapture Ad - yes
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Per Month
  • All Source
  • 3 Feeds
  • Customization Options Yes
  • ModerationYes
  • Auto Sync Every 3 hours
  • JustKapture Ad -No


Per Month
  • All Source
  • 10 Feeds
  • Customization Options Yes
  • Moderation Yes
  • Auto Sync Every Instant
  • JustKapture Ad - No


Per Month
  • All Source
  • Unlimited
  • Customization Options Yes
  • Moderation Yes
  • Auto Sync Every Instant
  • JustKapture Ad - No

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