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Everyone wants to switch to something which is quicker, faster, easy to use and can be used on the go. Be it smartphones, laptop and even the cameras. So why stick to the clichéd Photo Booth when you can kick it up a notch with our #HashtagPrinter. No need of bulky setups and forced pictures in a closed space. Add life to your event. No more going to a corner just to get clicked. Let the guests take as many pictures as they want, when they want and where they want on the go, upload with a hashtag and we will print it within 20 seconds. And just like that you will give them a gift which will last forever.

Benefits of Hashtag Printer

  1. Become your own photographer
  2. No more waiting in lines to get yourself clicked. Bring out the inner photographer and Just click away on your phone.

  3. Click anywhere and everywhere
  4. Break the shackles and click pictures anywhere and everywhere you want.

  5. Limited space
  6. We need limited space to set up as our system is not bulky like the traditional Photo Booth but we guarantee unlimited fun.

  7. Professional representative to attend to everybody
  8. We provide you with a support staff to help the not so tech-savvy guests so that no one misses out on the fun.

  9. Why should guests have all the fun
  10. We provide the host with a copy of all the fun moments #Kaptured by the guests.

  11. Here to create
  12. Get the best out of Instagram and use filters and make collages and create something memorable.

  13. Quirky is the new cool
  14. We provide props for those guests who would like to stir things up a little.

  15. It’s same, except it’s not
  16. Its Simple, Accessible, Mobile(Portable), Exciting and it’s INSTANT, 20 second is all it takes from post to print.

Use Cases

Parties: Weddings, Birthdays, Reunions, Freshers and Farewell Parties, Kitty Parties.  
Fests & Fairs: College  and Commercial fests, Fairs(trade fairs), Expos, Movie Screenings/ Premiers, Music Concerts.
Sporting Events: Tournaments like the IPL, ISL, Marathons.
Corporate Events: Summits/Conclaves, Product launches, Election Campaigns.
Public Spaces: Amusement Parks, Famous Tourist Spots.

Hashtag Printer for 6 Hours

  • Unlimited Photo Prints
  • Customized Photo Template
  • Design Support
  • Funky props
  • Instruction board with an easel
  • Man power and Transport

Add Ons

  • Scrapbook
  • Customized Props
  • Photo Frames (photo jackets)
  • Available photo size: 4×6” ; 6×8”

Wedding photo booth props printable pdf


It was indeed my pleasure to work with JustKapture team, concept, style of work, the output was par excellence. The client and his guests all were mesmerized. 8 Events so far with this team, and many more to come.

Manisha Solank - Gala Events

JustKapture has provided an excellent service during one of our BNI meetings. They have done an amazing job, all the members were really happy with the service and the souvenirs they got, which they will cherish for long time. Which was our requirement. I would recommend to Kapture our events with JustKapture.

Pankaj Chowdary - BNI-Basil President

We have used JustKapture’s service at my sister’s wedding in Lonavala. The Hashtag Printer is a great upgrade for a normal photo booth. We were a little hesitant initially, but it turned out GREAT. Our friends and cousins loved it. I would recommend it for all the destination weddings. thanks JK n TEAM


AMAZING AMAZING WORK!!! We had a wedding at The Ananta Udaipur. In 100 people gathering we printed 1200+ photos .. we used Hashtag Printer whole day. Amazing concept. All the photos from our pool party, mehndi, sangeet. I would recommend JustKapture Team for all the events.


In my wedding 🙂 we used the hashtag printer in Mumbai. Slight delay because of rain but great concept.. my friends enjoyed it to the fullest !! it was very easy, we can just upload our photos on Instagram.. and boom!! photos were ready within a few seconds.


what I liked the most is… we could use our fav Instagram filters and print the photos the way we want. We have used it for 3 days, printed all the photos made it our own album. Also, their team has made us a scrapbook which was really beautiful.. with great messages from our guests and relatives. Thanks, JustKapture Team…. great efforts by Abhishek from their team.


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