Social Wall

Kapture and organise all the content that your customers are posting across various social media and seamlessly showcase it with Social Wall for enhanced real-time engagement with your audience.


Best Content, Best Results

Be it hosting a live event, running a digital billboard campaign or a contest, JustKapture’s Social Wall a comprehensive UGC platform allows you to have a two-way conversation with the audience and generate UGC that is authentic and lively and increase brand interaction.

Use advanced moderation and branding tools to customize the content and boost audience engagement.


Motivate guests to participate actively and create pristine content for you by giving them a rich digital experience during Concerts, Festivals, Conferences, Events or Musicals on big or small screens.

Get more value from the screen by enhanced social media presence and brand interactions. Attract new sponsors and other revenue generating opportunities by giving extra exposure and special sponsorship tiles.


Website – Widgets

According to research, social content can be a major factor in the customer’s behaviour. Our embed features will help you showcase the best UGC from your social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. It lets you display your hashtag campaigns on the website too.

This will help you amplify your website’s conversion rate, engage better with your potential customers, build a trustworthy relationship with them and increase revenue. So let us help you keep your content up to date with crisp and brand new UGC.

Hashtag Campaigns

UGC has immense potential to increase your customer reach, therefore, using hashtags in tandem with the Social wall will boost this potential manifold by taking your marketing onto the social media platforms and giving you an edge over your competitors. Let the hashtags do the talking!

From Early bird uploads to hashtag battles to Q&A’s, from who wore it better to the best customer award, engage and reward your guests with a gratifying experience.


Office, In-Store Displays

Market your products in a new way. Display authentic User Generated Content from Social Media to your store visitors or office employees and repeat the most influential posts regularly. This will create a positive brand image and make the brand more relatable to boost engagement and expand the reach.


Arrest the rate of the unsubscribers and increase the click-through rates by infusing you emails with pristine UGC. Forge a closer relation with your customers by showing them content generated by their peers. UGC makes your emails lively, engaging and more responsive.


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