24 most effective ways to use FOMO marketing via email

Outline :

1. Introduction

2. Latest trends in FOMO marketing

3. Why choose email for FOMO marketing?

4. Dos and don'ts of FOMO email marketing

5. How to make attractive FOMO marketing emails

6. Popular examples of FOMO marketing emails

7. Conclusion

1. Introduction

The fear of missing out, in the past years, has catapulted its way to becoming one of the prime organizers of social participation and shaping desires for the generations alike. FOMO hits us even stronger when the recent global shifts have rendered reliance on social media indispensable to various walks of life. FOMO marketing, from the get-go, channels the people's inclination for wanting to be a part of larger circuits of events, trends and developments.

3. Why choose email for FOMO marketing?

Email marketing, tested through time, has remained a vital source of building a steady, loyal consumer base, of venturing into yet unexplored territories on a regulated basis, and is also a significant platform for test-running strategies. It is a direct, comparatively intimate means of conveying your message to an audience and heightens their sense of choice and agency.

Among users opting for ad blocking, the chief reasons stated are an overbearing frequency, intrusive ads that compromise one's privacy and online experience, including occupying too much screen space. Email marketing is an excellent way to bypass a major chunk of such obstructions and give the recipients a sense of choice and willingness to engage with your content. Thus, it is a non-invasive tool for advertising that does not forcefully interrupt the user's web serving and has its foundation laid in a value-based relationship.

When FOMO marketing meets email, the synthesis can be a highly efficient mechanism of drawing in potential customers by essentially creating a sense of exclusivity, or at least privilege. The privacy accorded by email carries a significant connotation of being placed high on the priority list and thus, being subject to early or exclusive, customized information and offers.

4. Dos and don'ts of FOMO email marketing

If you've decided to give FOMO marketing emails a shot (which you must!), here's a concise list of dos and don'ts which can guarantee the efficacy of your strategy.


  1. Pay attention to your subject lines and headers. What are the questions that might consume your audience? Tap in on any floating curiosities and problems pertinent to your target group of customers or made relevant by the recent headlines. With questions posed as subject lines, you may place yourself in the realm of the recipient's goals, needs and desires, and evoke a feeling of exclusivity. Another way to go about this, especially when advertising offers and sales, is to not beat around the bush and create a sense of urgency by explicitly mentioning what might be missed in the subject line. 'Last chance', 'First 50 only' work just as well as 'Did you know…' or 'Wonder what you're doing wrong…' and can help email opening rates shoot up by 22%.

  2. Define your email marketing goals. Your strategy will often need to be a mix of product-specific marketing, general awareness, educating the consumers about your brand and the business sector it has established itself in, and referrals. The right combination can help you go the extra mile and allow the recipient to feel your commitment in delivering something extra, free of cost. Mini courses and blog posts are means of effectively structuring your content and repurposing what's old and probably elides user navigation. Email notifications of 'events near you' is also an excellent way of not only keeping your audience updated but also assuring them that you are regularly in the know and thus, their trustworthy companion in fighting FOMO. The online learning platform Coursera sends regular emails about webinars and reports analyzing skills in demand and insights from experts to engage both learners and educators.

  3. Play up on the privilege. If people are receiving your mails, it is because they have either voluntarily subscribed or are a part of your mailing list, which significantly sets them apart from a wider consumer base or one-time shoppers. Make evident the benefits that any kind of membership of your business entails- special discounts, early sales notifications and deeper information about your products by drawing in on others users' reviews, trend reports and bestsellers that could enable them to make the best purchase.

  4. Perceive your audience- its motivations and interests, purchasing ability and possible triggers to boost conversion rates. College students will not be drawn in by the same kind of emails or have the same needs as a stay-at-home spouse or a newly retired person. Notwithstanding interest overlaps, the appearance of your email message directly affects the chances of it being pursued to the sales end.

  5. Locate your consumer groups. This implies more than just abandoning the one-size-fits-all mentality and putting actual effort into separating email lists to make the most out of your FOMO marketing strategy. New subscribers need to be assured of value, which may be provided by a one-time offer or instant gratification of some kind- you have probably come across offers of 'free ebooks' or useful tips delivered to your inbox immediately upon subscription. Repeat buyers are certainly drawn in by your products, so the next step is to enhance their attachment by exclusive sneak peeks, newsletters and curated lists.

  6. Don'ts:

    1. The 'spam trap' is a very real threat to email marketing that you can find yourself ensnared in. An over-reliance on available templates and indiscriminate emailing can easily push your mails down that black hole.

    2. Do not overuse FOMO email marketing. About 48% of people opting for some form of ad blocking cite 'too many ads' as the leading reason for doing so. Clogging up the inboxes will fuel annoyance and even degrade the genuinity of your offers if they are perceived as happening too often.

    3. Clickbaits get visitors but if you want to convert lookers into buyers, gimmick is not the way to go. It must be reiterated that the essence of email marketing is a sense of heightened credibility effected by intimacy, and tall promises and misleading links will only render the medium ineffective.

5. How to make attractive FOMO marketing emails

In order to get your FOMO marketing emails really going, it is imperative that they command attention. You must ask yourself these questions: What makes my email different from a dozen others in a person's inbox? Is there a 'click now' factor in my email that will compel visitors to my website?

Does my email carry a sense of authenticity and urgency?

  1. Use banner images: Brief attention spans and busy lifestyles barely leave time to decide chunks of text unless a prior incentive has been declared. Banner images are the most effective means to make your FOMO marketing emails attractive by registering your brand impression and simplifying the message with a visual trigger.

  2. Prioritize navigability: Organize your images and texts in a manner that either directs the recipient towards step-by-step completion of a process or creates a plan stretching over a longer period of time.

  3. Utilize calls to action: FOMO email marketing is at its most effective when the visual components are accompanied by easily identifiable calls to action. Focus on the immediacy of action and prioritize bold, clickable buttons and images over obscure hyperlinks.

  4. Build a storyline: You might recall language learning websites such as JapanesePod101, TOPIK Guide etc. welcoming new subscribers with a beginner-friendly free ebook or blog posts directing them to a variety of resources. But they also go a step further- they plan out their email marketing strategy for newcomers spanning a week, incorporating links to articles, videos and packages for purchase depending upon the chosen goal. Effectively repurposing old content, this is also an effective means of establishing yourself in the front of the user's mind without sending repetitive, cliché emails and letting them know the value you place upon constant delivery and meeting their needs.

  5. Ask questions, start conversations: Amidst the influx of ads that constitutes one's internet browsing and the sensory overload, it is integral to understanding the value of adding a human touch to your marketing campaign. Show your understanding and care for your users by locating their problems.

7. Conclusion

People want to be a part of things. Nobody likes being late to the party. What fear of missing out marketing does is both generate FOMO and offer your business's solutions to alleviate that fear at once. In your advertising strategy, email marketing can be the first step to draw in visitors or a remedial measure to bring back inactive users or compel action for deserted shopping carts and completing checkout. FOMO marketing emails can be an efficient bridge between initiating desire and customer satisfaction, making the recipients feel included, special and rightly informed.

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