5 reasons-why-colleges-are-switching-from-photo-booth-to-hashtag-printers

Youth are the new drivers of the contemporary markets and to get their attention the products must be refreshing and innovative. Hashtag printer seems to have done just that by its SMART- SIMPLE, MOBILE, ACCESSIBLE, REVOLUTIONARY and TECH SAVVY working. Coupled with the new heights of popularity that hashtags have achieved on social media platforms hashtag printers are taking college campuses by storm.

Let’s take a look at top 5 reason why colleges are switching from photobooth to hashtag printers:

  1. ITS SUPER QUICK- And we are not kidding. The amount of time taken by Hashtag printer to print a picture is equal to the time taken by USAIN BOLT to finish a 200 m race. That’s right 20 seconds is all it takes.
  2. INSTANT GIFTS- Those crazy selfies with friends during college fests or the ones clicked during the fresher’s party when students dress to impress – Hashtag printer allows the user to use to turn these memories into picture perfect personalised gifts.
  3. OUT OF BOUNDS, NO MORE- Just like students are instructed to stay in bounds, the Photobooth also sets boundaries with limited avenues of getting a picture. Well the hashtag printer allows the students to break those boundaries when it comes to making memories. It allows students to click pictures anywhere and everywhere, with their own smartphone camera and in their own style. Upload it on social media with just #ONEMOREHASHTAG to get a print.
  4. ITS SIMPLE, ITS TRENDING, ITS QUIRKY AND ITS COOL – No student wants to miss out on something which is trending. Hashtag printer is not just trending but also simple and yet quirky. CLICK, HASHTAG, UPLOAD- PRINT, that’s how simple it is. And it allows you to do whatever you want with your picture and its setting, that’s how cool it is.
  5. ONE PLUS ONE- Who doesn’t love one plus one offers – and when one plus one includes uploading a picture on social media (because if its not there it obviously didn’t happen!) PLUS taking home a free print of the picture to remind you of the fun college days, it’s an offer designed in heaven.
  6. IT KAPTURES INNOVATIONS AND IMAGINATION- It takes 10 minutes to setup, handles events of basically any size, automated from start to end as it runs itself and gives high resolution prints. Time from post to print is less than 20 seconds. WOW!!

Why Marketers/ Brands should use Hashtag Printer while doing promotion in colleges?

  1. Hashtag printer doesn’t take much time to become the centre of attraction. So now the brands can stop worrying about getting the crowd and start worrying about how to manage it.
  2. The small space allotted to brands in college fests wont hold back the swagger of hashtag printer. It’s small and easy to operate and can manage an event of just about any size.
  3. In a content hungry market, user generated content by the hashtag printer is a blessing in each Kapture.
  4. Everyone loves free stuff especially when you are a student.
  5. User generated content comes increases your chances of going viral as all the participants will tag you in their social media post with the given hashtag.

Hashtag printer doesn’t waste time and space during setup, just like it doesn’t take a lot of time to become the hotspot and the crowd favourite at all the college events

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