71 Ways To Market Your Online Course & Increase Sales in 2021

It takes a lot of time and effort to create and set up an online course shop. But the journey doesn’t finish here, now the marketing begins. Because if your potential customers don’t know about your courses, how will they buy? So Let’s jump right in.

Here are 71 ways to market your online course & increase sales


  1. Create a compelling course title based on keyword research
  2. Create a Teaser Course>
  3. Identify your unique value proposition
  4. Survey your target market


  1. Create a focused website
  2. Create landing pages for your courses
  3. Create seperate pages for your courses
  4. Make sure to use social proof to increase your conversions.
  5. Mention details about the instructor (you)
  6. Optimize the website for SEO. Fill titles, meta tags and keywords.


  1. Answer relevant questions on Quora
  2. Publish a book or ebook on Amazon
  3. Utilize Guest Posting on Industry Blogs and Websites
  4. Write a Press Release/ Become a HARO source--HARO (Help A Reporter Out)
  5. Write Articles on Medium.com
  6. Write blogs

Social Media

  1. Contribute on Facebook Groups
  2. Contribute on Twitter on Related Topics
  3. Create a Business on GoogleMyBusiness
  4. Create your Facebook Page, Instagram Profile, Linkedin Profile
  5. Go Live and Share Stories on Instagram
  6. Go Live on Youtube and Facebook together
  7. Join and be active on Clubhouse
  8. Optimize your social media profiles for keywords
  9. Post a Slideshow on SlideShare
  10. Publish Course Promotional Videos on Youtube
  11. Share Infographics on Pinterest
  12. Start a Facebook Group & If possible buy a domain for it
  13. Start a Linkedin Group and nurture it
  14. Start your Youtube Channel


  1. Build your email list
  2. Create a free email course
  3. Include a link to your course in your email signature


  1. Host a webinar with a Joint Venture partner
  2. Offer a Recorded Webinar
  3. Record a Google Hangout
  4. Run a Weekly Webinar to Connect With Potential Students


  1. Speak at local events and Meet Up groups
  2. Find Non-Competitive Partners in Your Niche
  3. Participate in Online Forum Discussions


  1. Get interviewed on podcasts
  2. Invite Guests on your Podcasts
  3. Start Your Daily/Weekly Podcast


  1. Sell to communities
  2. Sell to corporates
  3. Sell to schools

Use Social Proof to promote your online course

  1. Ask students to share their victories with you and celebrate with them
  2. collect all reviews, ratings, testimonials, feedback, comments, tagged photos, videos from whatsapp, webinar chats, google, facebook, etc
  3. Collect Reviews on Google My Business and Facebook Page
  4. Collect Reviews through JustKapture's Customized Testimonial Forms
  5. Create a separate page on your website just for reviews.
  6. Create Affiliate Program
  7. Create Referral Programs
  8. Showcase Students activities through JustKapture's Activity Popup on your website and landing page
  9. Showcase Testimonials and Reviews on your website and landing page


  1. Bundle courses with a discount
  2. Create a few give away courses
  3. Initial Discount for your first few students to generate social proof
  4. Join online marketing place for Deals and Coupon sites

Paid Promotions

  1. Buy Tweets or Facebook Posts on Fiverr
  2. Facebook and Instagram Ads
  3. Google Search and Display Ads
  4. Influencer Marketing
  5. Linkedin Ads
  6. Youtube Ads


  1. Create multiple courses and cross promote
  2. list on udemy, skillshare, Udacity, Linkedin Learning etc.
  3. Offer a Limited-Time Satisfaction Guarantee
  4. Offer a payment plan
  5. Publish a shorter course in an online course marketplace
  6. Translate your course into another language

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