How Virtual Photobooths Make Your Virtual Events Successful

Though virtual events, meetings, are now very popular and commonly hosted online, the biggest challenge of such events is how to keep the audience engaged. But you can still provide a lot of fun, and branded photos in a virtual event with the uniquely designed easy, engaging, and entertaining virtual photo booth.

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Features of Virtual Photo Booths:

Virtual photo booths can perform the same thing online that a physical photo booth performs and such an application can work in any device or browser

  1. 1. You can capture photos, make GIFs
  2. 2. You can also make graphic overlay, add filters, as well as borders or even digital stickers.
  3. 3. Further, you can also embed it easily on a website by adding a single line code
  4. 4. It is possible to replace any background with AI
  5. 5. You may also add custom branding to emails, and web portals
  6. 6. Possibility to use any saved picture, sharing the picture through email and text
  7. 7. Addition of selfie to the virtual photo booth

How a Virtual Photobooth Can Make a Virtual Event Stand Out?

If you are looking to make your virtual event memorable, a virtual booth can be of immense help due to a few vital reasons.

  1. Increase in interaction as well as participation: Online virtual events often tend to get boring due to too lengthy nature and much talking. Virtual photo booths when added to online events can make the events even more interactive and participative due to the possibility of taking photo booth photos and streaming it virtually.

  2. Customized experience: Besides, you have the possibility of customizing the various aspects of the virtual photobooths. You can integrate into your website seamlessly, change logo, background, title, or use a QR code, stickers or filters, and many more.

  3. Impactful outcome: Such photo booths can make a huge impact when the captured photos of guests are displayed into an attractive mosaic of a company/event/wedding logo. It can boost teamwork by revealing the contribution of everybody towards the success of the event

  4. Make competitions livelier: Virtual photobooths can be very useful in enhancing photo competition experience. You can stream everybody’s photos with the help of a live gallery and also can use live pools for choosing the top creative photos.

  5. Souvenir and Mementos: You can also send physical prints of the event photos to the guests after completion of the events. There can hardly be a better way to reminding your guests about the memorable time spent in the virtual event.

  6. Use as marketing material: Photos taken in the photobooth for virtual events can be very well used for marketing. It can form part of a video highlight or can be used for publicity in a social media platform effectively to deliver the right messages.

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