Virtual Wedding Photobooth-Let the Shaadi Shenanigans begin

Are you missing out the Bareilly ki barfi from you mausiji, right before your wedding? Or the mishti doi that you craved from your Kolkata wali Kakima right after the pheras? We can ensure that you do not miss out too much owing to the distance with the online virtual wedding photobooth. .

So, wondering to catch up with the hottest wedding trends of 2021? We at justkapture have you covered for our unique package of online photobooth for weddings.

So what is the wedding Virtual photobooth?

What is a wedding without a lot of shararat and some real nostalgic moments saved in the sands of time? Virtual photobooth just tries to ensure that you are capturing these fun filled moments without a barrier. It is a very simple link which all your friends and family members can open without blinking their eyes.

Oho! Are you an event management company? Our online wedding photobooth will surely add the required colours to your deal. It works without an app and you can brand it and customize it with simple tweaking to help fit your requirements. Its seamless technology will help you to integrate it with any leading virtual event platform. Our exciting package offers are given below. Read on to find out more.

What are the exciting features of online wedding photobooth that we can look forward to?

Each of your days revolving around your wedding has to be very special and uniquely crafted. The moods, the swag and the vibrance of each day is different. Not the “shake your leg” mood of the Sangeet will be any way close to how you will feel on your “rukhsati” day when you are all sobby. And oh my, words can never match up to those jingles in your stomach when the priest will ask you to kiss, or with a shy nod of your head when you say “ qabool hai”. Our wedding photobooth is a very intelligent system that will ensure wide variety of stickers and features to make every moment count.

  1. 1.Photos, boomerangs and those funny GIFs- you can do it all
  2. 2. Photo frames for all those moods, your perfect wedding logo that stands like a mascot for the wedding trends of 2021
  3. 3. The funny caricatures that capture the unique characters who walked and who could not walk during your wedding.
  4. 4. The filters that you had dreamt of while speaking with your wedding planner. We have it all
  5. 5. And the props and stickers to poke fun at the gossipy aunties and share a laugh later to tease your friends and folks
  6. 6. And finally, you are just a click away from sharing all these over whatsapp, insta, facebook and of course our deal old emails.

Now the most important but interesting part-the pricing

This wedding season we are coming dirt cheap. And we are sure you will not want to miss out on the cool deal. So here we come at just Rs 8000/- for your wedding. And what do we pack in a punch with that?

  1. 1. 5 days of continuous access, so choose any 5 days and bang you go.
  2. 2. Backdrop, stickers or frames, choose it, you can customize it all.
  3. 3. Charges for customization is at 2000 rupees extra or you give us your design ideas and we work it for you.

So, just pick your phone and call us and let the wedding roller coaster begin

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