Why JustKapture is the right fit for Online Coaches and eLearning Platforms

Before we started building our SAAS product JustKapture, we spoke to many online coaches and experts in and outside India, We have also taken coaches from Udemy, Skillshare and many independent coaches for our survey.

We found there are few common challenges which almost every solopreneur is facing. Check out below if you connect with any of the below challenges.

  1. You do not have a system to collect Reviews, Ratings, Feedback and Testimonials from your students. Which makes it difficult for your to showcase your credibility and convince your potential customers.
  2. You have reviewed and testimonials are scattered all over the internet, like on
    1. Google My Business Reviews
    2. Whatsapp
    3. Webinar Chats
    4. Facebook reviews and comments
    5. Instagram hashtags, mentions
    6. Udemy
    7. Linkedin, etc.
  3. You are facing challenges to create your own personal brand because all of your reviews, and students are on Udemy or any other similar platforms?
  4. Your Website conversion or Webinar registrations are very low.
  5. Your customer acquisition cost is high.
  6. You have been using the same testimonials and reviews for the past many months (or years). Or you lack the technical knowledge to do that yourself.
  7. You are been lazy to update your new good and better reviews on your website or landing page.
  8. You are afraid to get negative reviews on a public review platform.
  9. You are unable to get constructive feedback from your students.
  10. The percentage of business you get from referrals is very low.

If you are able to connect with any of the above challenges, we can help you.

How JustKapture helps Online Coaches and eLearning Platform to increase their conversion with Social Proof?

  1. Making reviews/testimonial collection easy with our Branded Review Forms.
  2. You need to just share the link with your students (customers), and that’s it. They can fill the form and you will receive your feedback in your JustKapture Platform.

    Tips to use Testimonial form :

    1. Share the link at the end of your course video.
    2. Add the link in your email signature.
    3. Keep it handy to share with anybody on WhatsApp or during your webinar.
    4. Add it to your website.
  3. Gathering your social proof from everywhere:
  4. One of our clients used to share multiple whatsapp screenshots and links of her Facebook page and google page to every new lead. But who has time to read all that? Now she realized that she is saving a lot of time and effort with our collection methods. It makes you more professional and productive.

    You need to connect all the platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Udemy, etc for once and then see the collection happening automatically. Just imagine after few months you will have 1000s of social proof to prove your credibility to anyone in the market.

  5. Attend, Learn and Improve with Negative Feedback:
  6. Single Negative feedback can cost you money!

    JustKapture holds your negative feedback with itself until you make it live. That gives you a chance to engage with the student and solve their issue on time. Contact us to know a tip on “how can you make sure only positive feedback goes to a public platform and negative feedback comes to you”.

  7. Have a Personal Review Domain Link/Profile:
  8. What happens when you see 2000+ reviews of any product on amazon? You trust that product and immediately make a purchase without thinking twice about it. We can do the same for your business.

    Blow away the minds of new students by showing them many testimonials and positive reviews in one single place. So students buy from you and you alone.

  9. Make your website HOT!!!
  10. Let me ask a simple question. Given a choice of two restaurants (a) which is always busy and filled with customers & (b) Which is consistently empty; which one do you choose to dine in?

    Of course, the first restaurant, as you can see customers as social proof.

    Then how do your potential customers know that your website is busy or not?

    We make it busy and hot to give you more conversions. How?

    With FOMO, the Popup. OR the Activity popup.

    Many big brands like Airbnb, Booking.com, Amazon, use the psychological concept of Fear of Mission Out (FOMO) to increase their sales. You can do the same with the help of JustKapture.

    We collect your recent signups, registrations and live visitor count on your website and showcase it in a very non-intrusive way on your website. Which generates more enquiries and conversions.

  11. Embed Social Proof on your website or landing page the way you want, where you want it. AKA the Website Widgets
  12. You might already have a few testimonials or reviews on your website. That’s great. But the thing with social proof is more the better. And It’s been if they are useful and personalized for any lead.

    You can use our website widget product to embed your testimonials live on your website in slider or grid format. Our widget refreshes every 24 hours and showcases new social proof daily. Embedding social proof improves your SEO and increase the time which visitors spend on your website.

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