What is Social Proof?What are the Types of Social Proof? And Proven Ways to Use Social Proof to Increase Your Conversions.

What is Social Proof? Social Proof is a term coined by the author Robert Cialdini in his book "Influence" in 1984. This phenomenon is also called information society influence, which is essentially the idea of people copying the behavior of others to imitate behavior in certain situations.


Youth are the new drivers of the contemporary markets and to get their attention the products must be refreshing and innovative. Hashtag printer seems to have done just that by its SMART- SIMPLE, MOBILE, ACCESSIBLE, REVOLUTIONARY and TECH

How User Generated Content is important for Educational Institutions

User Generated Content has been receiving a lot of attention for quite some time now, not merely for it being a marketing buzzword but for drawing in the right kind of customers to business. User Generated content meaning is something that was born

9 Successful Hashtag Campaigns or Social Media Campaigns

Hashtag Campaigns are the brands intiative to achieve their goal through social media. Oranizations use the Hashtag Campaigns to promote their product, to increase reach on social media ( Facbook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter), or to create engagement.

Why is user-generated content effective to grow your business?

We are living in the digital world where instead of talking to customers, brand owners or various businessmen choose to let customers speak to each other by motivating them. This strategy is known as User-generated content.

User-Generated Content Is More Valuable Than Ever

Every day millions of posts are published on different websites to attract potential customers and traffic. In a day, Instagram will see various photos and videos uploaded to engage followers. Tweeter has millions of tweets and live options available to get the attention of users. All these are increasing at an online site to provide user-generated content and increase traffic and audience. The benefits of user-generated content are increasing in comparison to other content.


What is User Generated Content and why it is important ? With all the hype in the digital industry we often find people asking “What is user generated content?” The meaning of User Generated Content is quite self-

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