FOMO popup usage and examples to boost conversions

All of us, at some point while browsing on the Internet, have experienced how websites show popup ads that display information related to recent purchases and engagements by customers along with displaying appealing limited period offers that have a deepening psychological impact on us. Let us take a hypothetical example wherein a customer is checking out a certain product on Amazon and suddenly there appears a pop-up display on the screen which shows that the product has been bought by more than 100 people in the last 24 hours. This leaves a great impact in the mind of the customer by building a trust factor which thereby triggers them to make the purchase. This is known as FOMO pop up marketing which not only aids customer engagements but also helps the website to boost its sales and increase its foothold in the market.

But before we start talking about FOMO popups and its benefits, let US understand what FOMO is. FOMO or the fear of missing out is a term related to a feeling wherein an individual feels like they are being left out or are missing an opportunity. This psychological factor is harnessed by the social media as well as online shopping websites and other businesses who sell their services on the web. FOMO has now become a common experience which is used to trigger the inner desire of humans to be a part of a certain activity. To put this in simple words, none of us would ever like to miss out on a rewarding or amusing experience and hence we feel the urge to stay connected and involved rather than being left out or feeling alienated.

For developers and online businesses, FOMO pop ups show visitors how real people engage with the website and perform activities like purchasing products, setting up joining accounts and even posting reviews and comments about the products and services made available through the website. This technique off showing real time engagements is often said to be one of the most effective as it proves that the website is trustworthy and that new visitors can conduct business with it. If you are one of those developers who want an instant boost in their conversions, you must learn about FOMO popup usage and examples to boost conversions for your online business, which we will be discussing in length in this article.

Outline :

1. What is FOMO popup?

2. Using FOMO in business

3. How FOMO popups benefit web businesses

4. How brands use FOMO popups (Examples)

5. Marketing examples for FOMO popups

1. What is FOMO popup?

Before learning about its examples, we must first take a look at the concept of FOMO popups. As the word itself suggests, FOMO or the fear of missing out is a psychological phenomena which triggers the innate behavior of human beings to be a participant in an activity. To put this in simpler words, no one likes to miss out on events that are rewarding or provide a fun experience. Humans being social animals, prefer to stay connected and involved rather than being left out or staying out of touch.

2. Using FOMO in business

By using FOMO marketing techniques, web businesses trigger their audiences using the innate human fear of missing out thereby encouraging them to take immediate action. Developers use FOMO marketing to motivate their customers so as to act immediately or end up missing out on a one time offer.

One of the easiest and most effective FOMO marketing techniques is using FOMO pop ups in a website. These popups are designed in a way that they easily grab the attention of the users and display information like recent activities on the website along with providing details about various discounts and deals that are currently available.

3. How FOMO popups benefit web businesses

They help in building credibility as new customers tend to trust reviews given by old customers. The most important impact of FOMO pop ups is the increase in conversions as FOMO popups are known to increase conversions by more than 15%.

They help in increasing presence of a business on the web by showing notifications where in people have liked a particular or service product from a website. Moreover, they also create a sense of scarcity which motivates people to take immediate action Since they are running out of time on a given offer.

The easiest way to create and publish a FOMO popup is by using a social proof tools. While the fear of missing out might instill anxiety in some individuals, it can be used as one of the most powerful and effective marketing tool. For this object, we here are Justkapture can help you by providing all essential tools and services to boost your conversions and business by using FOMO Pop-ups as your next marketing technique.

4. How brands use FOMO popups (Examples)

  1. Promoting webinars One of the best methods of demonstrating the authority of an online business and building trust and engagement amongst the customers, is by conducting webinars. These online sessions where in potential customers are taken through a real time presentation about the products and services available on the website. These webinars have the potential to bring massive returns by answering the most common questions posed by customers.

    Apart from this, online businesses can also use webinars to know more about their target audience and develop a deeper understanding about their requirements and queries in relation to the services. But all of this can only be achieved if people attend the webinar. You may conduct the most interactive webinar but all these efforts would go in vain if your audience stays aloof of any such event. For this purpose, FOMO pop ups become a very effective social proof tool which not only build a trust factor amongst the audience but also gives them information related to the webinar along with providing registration links to the same. These pop ups can be shown to new site visitors to make them a part of the event.

  2. Displaying sales notifications in real time If you want to increase your sales, the most effective method of doing this would be to show that others are buying your products. For this, all you have to do is display a small popup notification which alerts the visitor whenever a new purchase is made through your website. By this method, people get to know that consumers are buying goodies in real time which is enough to develop a feeling of interest in casual site visitors. Creating such notifications is also an easy task as they have to be created only once and are triggered automatically every time a customer makes a purchase. These notifications work commendably when it comes to increasing sales add the visitors liking for a particular product. Moreover, they also increase the credibility of a brand as more and more people get to see that others are buying the same products.

  3. Creating urgency for time barred offers Web businesses can also create urgency in the minds of their visitors for offers and discounts that are available for a limited duration. Displaying notifications that provide information about the time and duration of a sale as well as showing the number of conversions within that specific time interval can also prove to be beneficial. This technique works like a charm when used for promoting flash sales and other limited time promotions. This type of FOMO marketing urges visitors to take immediate action or end up missing on a great deal.

  4. Increasing demand for Online Courses In todays technologically advanced times, especially in the post pandemic period, education which is a primordial requirement for humans, is being made available through various online mediums. If your Online business also revolves around providing online courses, using FOMO pop up notifications can effectively help in boosting the demand for your offerings.

    Since the market for online courses in itself is ginormous, visitors have a plethora of options for courses to choose from. However, most of these visitors would be hesitant to pay if they remain aloof of the benefits of a particular course. Providing them with specific information related to the course along with its benefits could prove to be advantageous.

    Through FOMO pop ups, developers can generate demand for their services and can also reinforce their credibility by showing how other people are purchasing the same courses that are up on offer. These conversion alerts make new visitors conscious as to whether they are missing out on a valuable lesson.

  5. Increasing consumer satisfaction An important part of online marketing is reaching out to the right audience in order to obtain new customers and generate more sales. Providing demo registrations for a given time period can help your customers know about the benefits of using your services. This also plays an important part in business to business (B2B) sales process. Websites can also display FOMO pop ups which display notification alerting visitors whenever a new person signs up for a demo registration.

  6. Growing social media presence Social media can play a pivotal role when it comes to marketing products on the web. The more active websites are on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the more likely they are to get noticed by new visitors.

    To add to this, web businesses can create a live notification display on their website to display activities from their social media accounts. Apart from this, they may also put up videos and photographs of products and their reviews and add their links to such FOMO popups which can be displayed to consumers in order to increase conversions.

  7. Showing low stock levels Displaying low stock level can create a sense of urgency in the minds of visitors thereby making them by a certain service or product. By using E commerce tools, this can easily track that are low in reality and can create required notifications triggering a sense of urgency. This is also a method of FOMO marketing as customers prefer not to miss out on a great deal.

  8. Creating Blog Comments Blog comments are in addition to the value of a website. These comments not only result in conversations amongst consumers and visitors but also increase engagement and draw new customers. FOMO notifications can also be used to increase such blog comments. Products and services which are much talked about, generate more visitors and sales than the ones which remain unknown to people. People who enter a site casually can end up buying products and services which have a higher degree of customer engagement in the form of reviews as comments and ratings. Moreover, such casual visitors can also end up adding to the comments which ultimately add up to FOMO notifications.

  9. Adding to the mailing listFOMO pop-ups can also be used to grow a website’s mailing list. By displaying real time notifications which provide instant alerts to visitors when someone new signs up on the website, web businesses can add more and more subscribers by making such casual visitors feel as if they are missing out on something by not registering themselves. This feature can also be used in consonance with the location of the newly registered customers which add in furtherance of social proof thereby increasing conversions.

  10. Build Trust With Real ReviewsFOMO pop ups can be used to display online reviews which aid to the concept of social problems for promoting a website. Such reviews instill a sense of satisfaction and trust In the mind off new consumers which in turn increases conversions.

    Website can also harness such published online reviews to turn customers into loyal advocates for the brand. FOMO pop ups that display notifications related to reviews and ratings of a website can be one of the easiest ways to incorporate social proof in the marketing practices of a web business.

    Developer also add links to regional reviews in such FOMO popup notifications such that people can have a look on such reviews by themselves. This also ensures customers that they are not being fooled since they can spot social proof practices through this medium. By this method, websites can also increase their authenticity by gathering reviews from real persons.

  11. Incorporating Pre-order FormsBy using pre order forms, websites can provide the facility to their consumers to place orders in advance. By facilitating pre-order services, online businesses can create a feeling of anticipation for a particular product or service amongst their consumers and visitors. When new visitors get to see notifications of pre-orders, it might instill a feeling of losing out on a great deal as soon as it launches. Thus, search for more popups can be used to create a sense of urgency and scarcity.

5. Marketing examples for FOMO popups

Based on the way they are used and structured, FOMO notifications effect different web businesses differently. We have listed a few examples below to develop a better understanding for you readers on various applications of FOMO popups and marketing.

  1. Sales and Page View popup notifications – Argos As one of the largest ecommerce platforms in the United Kingdom, Argos spends more than 10,000 U.S. dollars to maintain and optimize its website. Each visitor to the website gets addressed by a number of FOMO pop up notifications that display information related to different product pages along with data related to sales, recent sales and even live visitors count; in real time.

    Argos uses a very similar tactic which has been addressed in this article above, also known as order and collect system where in the customer is allowed to check whether a product is available in stock before they placed the order. By this method, the website creates a scarcity effect which encourages consumers to place their order as soon as possible before the product runs out of stock.

  2. Special Offer popup notifications – VovlyAs one of the fastest growing stores listed on Shopify, Vovly sells vegan and organic beauty products. The website is known to provide regular offers on its products and address its new customers with relevant FOMO popup notifications, encouraging them to purchase the discounted product.

    Vovly also offers coupon guaranteeing immediate discounts on specific purchases in order to nudge their consumers into buying the product. By just a simple click on the “Apply” button, consumers can choose from a bunch discount coupons ranging from free delivery to flat 20% off. Alongside these, the brand also gives FOMO popup notifications for products that are low in stock, to further increase conversions. Together, these two FOMO notifications give visitors a strong incentive to make their mind up sooner.

  3. Page Views per Hour popup Notifications – EbayWith more than 100 million visitors each month, ebay has become one of the most popular E commerce/Shopping websites in the world. With such a large number of visitors, the amount of conversions registered buy eBay also plays an important role in the websites business.

    If you ever visit EBay for buying a commodity, you will notice that each product page displays a continuous pop up notification sewing the number of views the page has received in the last one hour. This FOMO popup notification is sufficient to create a sense of urgency amongst the visitors incentivizing them to make a purchase.

  4. “One Left” popup Notification – BookingUrgency notifications are one of the most effective FOMO pop ups that trigger consumers to make an instant purchase. With fierce competition in the field, travel and holiday planning websites such as Expedia, and tend to use FOMO notifications for showing scarcity of offers for a particular holiday plan by using real data.

    With real time sales data on hotel rooms and flight tickets, creates a sense of urgency amongst its visitors incentivizing them to take immediate action. It is for the same reason that those travel websites which use FOMO notifications generate higher profits when compared to doors who don’t use them.

  5. Offer Claimed/Remaining Notification – With one of the highest conversion rates for an ecommerce website, provides account based subscription services for prime members. These members are offered clear incentives and discounts which makes them continuously purchase products from the website. This also facilitates compulsive buying when Amazon providing prime users with FOMO pop-up notifications which display limited period discounts and offers on specific products.

    With their exclusive discounts for prime members, Amazon takes the concept of using social proof to a new level with offering reviews and ratings from time members themselves giving a higher sense of satisfaction and trust.

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