JustKapture introduces amazing product variants for hashtag marketing

Hashtag Printer

The product update is out and it’s amazing.
Just Kapture has been trying to bring multiple service options for its clients in order to constantly innovate and update the existing processes.
Check out the new offerings that you have been waiting and let us know how you find them!

Data Analysis

You can now have a complete report on the interactions between your brand and the customer. We have worked extensively on the data analysis front to ensure that the detailed report of the event is available to the client. Click here to check out the report.

Hashtag Printer

Yes, we know you were waiting for this and here it is!
JustKapture identified and addressed the need of a low cost solution for the Hashtag printing service. You can now lease the hashtag printer or rent the software for a longer period of time and use it for all the events. This has two fold advantages to it: 1. The cost comes down drastically in this arrangement and 2. This is a white label solution where you can use your own branding on the printer and kiosk. Call us to know more about this exciting solution.

Social Media Contests

The Social Wall that you have been using until now has taken an interesting turn. Now you can also run full fledged social media contest for the events and increase the rate of engagement pre and post event. Also, you can create your own social media contest which can be tracked thru a slick dashboard in the backend. Call us to know more about the social contest thru hashtag marketing.

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