How skechers employed UGC for its launch and marathons to engage with its audience

Skechers, an American lifestyle and footwear company, is the third largest athletic footwear brand in the US. Skechers primarily uses celebrity driven advertising and when it launched its store in Delhi, it had a very exclusive 50-odd invitees list. The brand employed Hashtag Printer and each invitee took a picture and posted it on social media, generating enough UGC to create curiosity and interest. Given the kind of impact UGC had on brand building, Skechers continued to partner with us for more events. After the store launch, JustKapture collaborated with Skechers for three marathons in Mumbai and Satara. We created the hashtag #GoWalkMumbai for the Mumbai marathon. A total of 1500 people attended the marathon and we managed to generate 500 hashtags for the event on social media.


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