How to use JustKapture's Social Proof Platform for creating a trustable personal brand?

First of all, thank you for choosing JustKapture in your journey of creating your own personal brand. At JustKapture, we believe brand trust is the measure of the success of your personal brand. And brand trust can only be delivered via social proof.

In simple words, Social Proof is 'What other customers/users/visitors are talking/doing/saying/reacting about your product/service'.If you wanna know more, here is our detailed article about Social Proof.

What does JustKapture do?

Step1: We help you collect all of your social proof in one place. For example

  1. Your Google My Business Reviews
  2. Your Facebook Page Reviews
  3. Your Udemy Reviews
  4. Your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts, mentions and hashtags.
  5. Also we provide multiple forms like
    1. review & rating form
    2. video testimonial form and
    3. customer engagement data form.

Step2: Once collected and filtered, social proof can be displayed on your website or can be used as social media posts, emails. Here are 3 types of widgets to use on your website.

  1. Slider
  2. Grid
  3. Activity Popup

How to use our platform for your success?

  1. Let's add all the social proof from everywhere possible.
    1. Connect your Facebook, Google and Udemy to collect reviews on auto mode.
    2. Create a review form and share the link with your customers/users and request them to provide a review. You can also add this link, in your email signature or can be shared at the end of your webinars.
    3. You should create different forms for different audiences and for different purposes. For example, you can keep the separate forms for separate product reviews or for separate webinar types.
    4. You can also add your WhatsApp or webinar chat (testimonial) screenshots.
    5. You can also add old reviews manually.
    6. f you have collected reviews through Google form so far, you can provide us with the spreadsheet, which can be imported directly to our platform.

    if you have collected reviews at any other platform, call us to discuss.

  2. Our platform supports creating multiple widgets with multiple combinations of feeds of social proof. So let's see where you can use which feed of social proof and take the best possible advantage.
    1. Activity Popup : Add a minimum of 20 Five-Star ratings, so every website visitor of yours gets to know about your good feedback. As popups are hard to miss.
    2. Home page review slider : Choose the topmost reviews which are generic to your product or service.
    3. Product/Service specific slider : You can create a widget for a specific product or service, and include that in that particular product page.
    4. Sliders for landing page : Similar to product pages, you can create a widget focused on your webinar and integrate it into your landing page.
    5. Your social proof profile : One page where all of your social proof is displayed. This page can be used as a one-page website if you don’t have any website yet.
    6. Your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feed can also be displayed on your website as a separate widget.

For any further information, please feel free to call us at +91-8886666793.

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