Last minute event promotion ideas.


Last minute event promotion ideas to attract more people

All of us love to procrastinate and delay things until the last minute, don’t we? However like the famous saying “a stitch in time saves nine” here are some last minute event promotion ideas that will surely help you sail through your event.

“You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again.” – Benjamin Franklin

  1. Create a system where you involve others: Often we underestimate the power of people and how we can benefit from others. Create a tier system where you involve individuals and offer them a chance to make a few quick bucks. Enable individuals to help you drive more audience with the help of incentives. The following example should help you understand:

    1) 12 seats sold: Get the return value of 2 tickets as a cash incentive.
    2) 20 seats sold: Get the return value of 4 Tickets as a cash incentive.
    3) 30 seats sold: Get the return value of 6 Tickets + 2 VIP Passes free.

    Note: Check your feasibility and affordability before creating these tiered schemes. Above mentioned is just an example.
  2. Try reaching out to local famous personalities: Inviting local celebrities and bloggers to your event sounds like a good start. At times bloggers can solely be responsible for the success of an event. With the help of a few hyperlocal bloggers and celebrities, you can try getting enough eyeballs to get a few entries. This also works towards improving the credibility of the event, in the future if you are to recreate the same event the mere fact that it was attended by these celebrities helps you gain loads of traction.
  • Social media advertising: Social media advertising is a cheap and effective medium as compared to traditional advertising. It helps you reach your ideal target audience locally at the same time you can measure your ads performance. Control is an added benefit when advertising on social media. You control each and every element in your advertisement, the amount your willing to spend, who would you want to show your advertisement to and when would like to advertise.
  • Never stop innovating: it is said the “necessity is the mother of invention” so if you need to market your event make sure you try everything within your reach. Do not shy away from creating new methods and techniques for marketing, keep in mind, however, to not go overboard at the same time create last minute offers and discounts which help you pool in hoards of people.


If you want to learn more about marketing ideas and get some really out of the box ideas for marketing click here. 

We hope you liked our creative last-minute event promotion ideas if you have any other ideas do let us know in the comments below.

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