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Do You Know?

86% of millennials say that Social Proof is a good indicator of the quality
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Elements of Testimonial Wall

Your Branding

Customize it according to your brand logo and colors.

Overall Ratings

Consolidated Ratings from 1 to 5 stars.


Visitors can filter from Recent Reviews, 5 Star or 1 Star Reviews abd read the social proof available.

All Media

Showcase all type of testimonials Text, Photos, and Videos.

Collect More

A button to collect more testimonials from students.

Benefits of JustKapture Testimonial Wall

Never Miss or Misplace

Why to have scattered reviews at multiple places, Simply use Review Domain and Relax.

Go Auto Pilot

Set it, forget it. Our Platform will keep on fetching new reviews to your domain page, and always keep it fresh with latest reviews.

Solid Backlinks

A page with your positive mentions of your brand which are also linked with Google n Facebook reviews adds lot of SEO value.