71% of consumers say that UGC makes them feel more comfortable buying a product.

UGC Marketing Process

Drive your marketing plan on the steam of UGC, to
accomplish better brand engagement and greater sales.




User Permission



Get Better Conversion with UGC


Use fresh, relevant customer
content to make your website
more authentic and engaging.


Infuse a personal touch into your
e-mails as you make them more
dynamic with UGC.


Use visual stories and social
content participants to generate
interest around events.


Make your paid ads gain more
traction by making customer
stories a part of the messaging.

Live experiences

Use online Q&A, contests and
polls to generate genuine social
interactions online.

Social Media

Make your social media more real
by sharing the most persuasive customer
stories on your social media platforms.

Hashtag Printer was very successful to create the hype before the launch of H&M store in Ahmedabad. We have used Hashtag Printer at various locations and it turned out be a Great Success for pre-event and during the launch.

– Harjagat
Business Dev Manager, Percept India, Mumbai