Use Cases

Harness the power of user-generated content to increase customer-engagement and trust, ultimately driving to sales.

Brand Promotions & Product Launches

Design a launch strategy so good that your Digital footprint is set right on the launch-day with rich & engaging content.

  • Launch with a bang with overwhelming reviews
  • Let your Brand-Advocates post on behalf of your brand to create authentic content
  • Create buzz with a unique brand Hashtag

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Marathon Promotions

Get the last mile advantage for your Brand at the most crowded places i..e Marathons and mall to generate a long-mile advantage.

  • Create authentic and long lasting brand awareness through personalised experiences
  • Create those perfect selfie moments for your participants and let them promote your brand

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Airport / Mall Promotions

Beat the boring digital signage propaganda and adapt to the next-generation social walls to generate interactive content for your brand at the hand out places.

  • Design visually engaging programs & activities for your brand
  • Give your audience a 1- min wall of fame and they bring your brand, the much needed fame
  • Let your customers know that you listen to them, and they will lift your conversion rates

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Exhibitions & Road Shows

Advertise like you are not-advertising but getting endorsements for free from your users! Nothing else but UGC does that for your brand.

  • Capitalize on tons of content by turning audience into amplifiers and advocates
  • Increase the engagement rate with HASHTAG PRINTER
  • Give-away branded souvenirs for an efficient Brand Recall

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Concert Advertising

Concert is the largest premium quality content and audience marketplace available to brand advertisers.

  • Content that performs, scales as well as engages in 2 way conversations
  • Shine on the content created by the concert crowd online
  • Create a loyal fan-base by creating an event-long contest with a unique (#superfan) hashtag

Hotels Resorts & Amusement Parks

Enrich & invigorate hotel guests by involving them at every stage of the purchase cycle with content that inspires and converts.

  • Drive higher quality of sales by displaying USER GENERATED Visuals, Reviews & Recommendations on the social media channels
  • Deliver Trust through Interactive activities
  • Generate FREE & compelling content through photo -ops

Lifestyle, Retail Stores,
Health & Wellness centers

Whether it’s a Fitness Center, Wellness Center, a Restaurant, Cafeteria, Multiplex or a Retail Store, make the most of the walk-ins and give that extra mileage to the in-store sales via User Generated Content that promotes your brand to the next-level on social channels.

  • Alert customers on store activities and offers via unique shout-outs
  • Engaging the walk-in crowd into creating content through photo-ops
  • Shine a spotlight on visitors to give them a few minutes of fame via social wall

Leverage our proprietary products to increase your brand image and boost in-store sales via mentions.

Corporate events

Avoid a slew of staged promotional messages and the dynamic vibe of corporate events. Add some frolic and make the event A-live! Literally! Swap framed images for authentic & compelling content generated by your employees.

  • Build strong Digital presence of your brand’s Hashtag through your employees via Hashtag Printer
  • Reward the employees in the most unique of ways through social media contests
  • Spread the word about the brand’s culture across the internet via Social Wall integration

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